quarta-feira, maio 28, 2003

ana found a new home away from her real home.
now, ana lives in bristol, uk.
she isn't very good on writing texts about herself
because she's always changing
(ana is a "girl in progress").

texto da ana para as colheres

domingo, maio 18, 2003

quinta-feira, maio 08, 2003

An article on Alternet today talks about the environmental devastation being wrought by the current administration. It includes the following quote:

"Paradoxically, Leggett notes, many fundamentalists see dying coral reefs, melting ice caps and other environmental destruction not as an urgent call to action, but as God's will. In the religious right worldview, the wreck of the Earth can be seen as Good News!"

I think the sooner the fundamentalist Christians get raptured and spirited off to wherever it is they go, the better chance the rest of us have to make this world a liveable place. People of their mentality are responsible for about 90 per cent of the difficulties that plague us right now. May they do better in their new home. They deserve each other

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quarta-feira, maio 07, 2003

segunda-feira, maio 05, 2003

cistaceae: vi estas todas

fomos a pancas ver a primavera. e vimos.
vi cegonhas, patos reais, garças vermelhas, pintassilgos, tentilhões e cotovias. vi mais que não consegui reconhecer. ouvi um rouxinol e um cuco mas não os vi. de regresso vi pernalongas no rio das enguias e flamingos no samouco.